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1AVOID RayPakSep 17, 2014
By lisa
This info is for anyone about to purchase a heater for their pool or hot tub. We installed a Raypak heater last August, to replace our heater that developed a leak after 7 years (non-Raypak). With less than 6 months of use, this one began to leak. The manufacturer denied warranty coverage, citing that pH of our water was too low; mind you, this is in a hot tub that we constantly forget to put any chlorine or other chemicals. When we wrote to them, asking if it was possible that this one was a lemon, this is the reply that we received from Christopher Cloutman, their southeastern rep:

"Warranty on the heat exchanger of your pool heater is due to manufacturing defects not negligence or lack of knowledge on your part to maintain the proper water chemistry in your pool. Hi chlorine levels do not affect the heater but the tablets that you use in the chlorinator do and have a pH of 3 and constantly lower the pH and alkalinity levels of your water creating an acidic environment which dissolves the copper in the heat exchanger. I'm sure your pool looks great and is crystal clear, that's because it's so acidic nothing can live in it.
Please, do not buy another Raypak heater."

I can appreciate sarcasm as much as the next guy, and I know that there are more serious issues in the world than my pissing contest about a luxury item, but when you are screwing me out of my hard-earned $$ and then being snarky about it, beware. So, apparently the heater we purchased was not a lemon and reflects their quality standard. And, their customer service is top-notch as well. To quote an infamous sales rep, "please, do not buy another Raypak heater."

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